World Vegan Month 2017

Today marks the beginning of World Vegan Month 2017 the Vegan Society first began as the Vegetarian Society in 1944, it then evolved as the Vegan Society in 1994. The significance of World Vegan day grew in popularity ever year and has gained worldwide recognition. Interestingly, World Vegan Month began as World Vegan Day, and then …

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Handy Kitchen Swap- Spelt Pasta

I recently swapped whole grain pasta and tried spelt pasta instead, I really found it delicious. I now prefer it to white or whole-wheat pasta. You may have noticed spelt flour products popping up in your local supermarket, luckily they are now becoming more popular. Spelt bread, pasta, and flour is now readily available. Spelt …

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Amazing Benefits of Dog’s Blood Tea for Women’s Health

I thought that I would start this post by reassuring you that there is no dog's blood, or anything like it in this tea. Dog's blood (rivina humillis) is actually a plant that is native to Southern and Central America along with the Caribbean. This plant is said to have amazing benefits and has been used …

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