More People Ditching their Diets in 2013

NBC news reported today that more women than ever are ditching their diets, the number of women dieting is lower than it has been in 30 years. Instead women are opting for self- acceptance.


This is excellent for those who yo-yo diet, which is very detrimental to ones health, but the importance of healthy eating and exercise should not be over looked. I believe that everyone should accept themselves for who they are and not compare themself to others. But I also believe that everyone should strive to be the best that they can be. This means striving for a healthier and fitter you, in a sensible way. The NBC video can be viewed by clicking here


It is really encouraging to see people moving away from the trend of starting a diet in January only to be tired of the diet by March.  Diets have a terribly low success rate in the long run, which is why it is always better to make healthy life style changes rather than going on a fad diet.


It has been proven that people feel deprived when they are on a diet which is what causes you to over eat or binge. Also if you do not make life style changes, you may lose weight whilst you are on the diet but then once you stop you are likely to gain all of the weight back and maybe even more.

It is fine to think of January as a new beginning because it is, it is the start of a new year and you should leave the old behind and press forward into the new.  You should also start the year as you mean to go on, prioritize making healthy food choices and getting more exercise. During the cold months it is a perfect time exercise at home, using exercise DVDs if you do not have any and do not want to spend on them there are many other options. Running up and down the stairs in your home is a great workout for the legs and glutes.


If you do not have stairs, numerous websites have exercise that you can do at home; Fitwatch.comm and are both good examples of this and also have some demonstrations of the exercises.


Going to the gym is also an option but it can be expensive and time consuming. It is best to fit in whatever works best for your schedule. The most important thing is that you remain active an eat healthily. Incorporate as much fresh produce in your diet as you can. If you find that your fresh produce goes off before you have a chance to eat it, buy frozen, it is cheaper and lasts longer. And do not forget to keep your water glass topped up.


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