Gellux Gel Nail Polish Review

I decided to treat myself to a Gellux manicure.  I have heard good reviews about this product, the main one being that your nails remain glossy and chip free for up to 15 days.  The first thing that came to mind when I heard this is the amount of times that I have got the perfect manicure before going on holiday only to find that by the third day my nails look a mess.

Gellux gel polish is a high gloss, fast drying and hard wearing alternative to nail polish.  It can be applied easily and dries within 30 seconds which means that you do not have to worry about accidentally chipping or smudging your manicure.  As Gellux does not chip, it protects your nails from accidental damage and gives your nails the chance to grow.

I was happy with the end result (displayed below) and I will take a picture in 15 days to show you how well my nails have lasted. 

I did some research prior to getting the manicure and the risk of damage to your natural nails is minimal. There is more in favour of Gellux helping your nails to grow.


  • Protects nails from chips and accidental damage.
  • Lasts for upto 15 days
  • Dries under a lamp in 30 seconds, no waiting around or risk of smudging.
  • Can be used on hands and feet.
  • Glossy and stylish finish.
  • Easily soaked off using professional remover solution.
  • Minimal buffing involved in removing, not damaging to natural nails.


  • If Gellux is not removed correctly and professionally you could risk slight damage to your nails.

As you can see the pro’s outweigh the con’s by far.  The only con can easily be avoided by simply allowing the manicurist to also remove the gel when you are ready to take it off.

I received professional and friendly service from Gellux Nails by Christine who is a London based manicurists.  Prices are reasonable, my Gellux gel manicure was only £15 which is the introductory price. The contact number is 07950 217 733 if you would also like to give Gellux a try.



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