Revolutionary Heels that Claim to be Comfortable for Hours!

Most ladies have experienced going out for an evening in a pair of shoes that are comfortable at the start, and then end up nearly crippling you by the end of the night.  High heels are notorious for this and I find that the discomfort is usually caused by the sole of the shoe being too thin, and all of the pressure is pushed onto the ball of your foot.  Marks & Spencers (M&S) claim to have created a pair of shoes that are comfortable for up to 3 times longer than conventional heels.

M&S have incorporated Insolia technology which makes the high heels easy and comfortable to wear. The diagram below shoes how the technology works.

 After reading this, my first thought was that the shoes would be bulky and hideous, but I was pleasantly surprised by the sleek and stylish designs.  The collection is quite small but with a range of colours I believe that you could find shoes for most dressy occasions.

The price of the shoes is also very reasonable, they start from £49, which is a great price if it means being comfortable.  I am definitely going to give these shoes a try.  A review was written on these shoes in the Daily Mail newspaper, they also gave the thumbs up.  Click below to view the article:–VERY-picky-style-guru-agree.html

I intend to purchase a pair of these shoes and I will let you know how I find them.


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