12 Weeks of Taking Vitabiotics

I have now been taking Vitabiotics WellWoman Original vitamins for 12 weeks and I have noticed a great improvement in my energy levels and an increase in the strength of my immune system.  These benefits are in line with the claims that the Vitabiotics company says users will have. 

Vitabiotics Wellwoman Original - 30 x Caps

In my previous article New Year New Vitamins I mentioned that I had recently recovered from an awful bout of flu which is what prompted me to search for a multi vitamin that would also boost my immune system.  I believe that Vitabiotics Wellwoman vitamins have done that; I have not had flu, a cold or even a cough since taking them.

 On the downside I have not noticed any cosmetic differences; it is claimed that there will be an improvement in your skin hair and nails but I have not noticed this.  There has not been any difference in the growth rate or quality of my hair or nails.

I recommended these vitamins to a few family members and friends, and they have also given similar positive reviews.  They have also said that they will definitely purchase the vitamins again.

The vitamins retail at £7.65 for 30 capsules, they are well worth the price and Boots Chemist often has an offer of 3 for the price of 2 on all of their vitamins.


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