Spring Clean your Skin Care Regime

As the weather changes and becomes slightly warmer, my wardrobe is not the only thing that needs some attention.  I also like to take some time out to change my skin care regime. 

I always follow three steps; cleanse, tone and then moisturize but during the winter months I find that I need a much richer moisturizer.  My cleanser and toner are staple products, I find that they work all year round and do not need to be changed.  My favourite cleanser is Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing gel. 

This product is excellent, for many years I had acne as a result of my skin not being properly cleansed but this product has cleared that up.  It is relatively expensive as it retails in shops for over £30 per bottle, however it does last for a long time as you only need a small amount of product.  I have found an excellent website Jersey Beauty Company which sells Dermalogica products at a discounted price

I use Dermalogica’s Multi Active toner which I find refreshing and it really hydrates my skin making it ready for moisturizing.  There are numerous toners on the market but I find that this one suits numerous skin types as it is not harsh or drying and contains natural ingredients.

The final step is my moisturizer; I find that my moisturizer needs to be changed depending on the weather and time of year.  During the winter months I use Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream which is really moisturizing, it contains soothing botanicals and antioxidant vitamins which help to maintain the skin’s moisture balance. Maintaining the moisture balance throughout winter is really important as that is when we spend large amounts of time inside our homes with the central heating on.  This can wreak havoc on the skin.

As the temperatures rise during spring I find the Skin Smoothing a little to heavy so I switch to Oil of Olay‘s Beauty Fluid.  This moisturizer is light and effective which is what you need when it is warmer outside. 

It is important to pay attention to the products that you put on your face; note the way that your skin reacts to the products during different seasons also.  A good moisturizer can mean the difference between good skin right now and great skin for years to come.  It is important to be consistent with your routine and you will be sure to reap the benefits of soft glowing skin.

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