Organic Produce may Not be Better for Your Health

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not organic produce is actually better for you health.  A controversial new study from Which? Gardening suggests that produce grown from using modern and artificial may be better for you. 

They made this claim after completing a two year study growing tomatoes, potatoes and broccoli, surprisingly they found that the non- organic broccoli had significantly higher levels of antioxidants than the organically grown ones.    Similarly the study found that the non- organic potatoes contained more vitamin C than their organic counterparts.

I find this quite shocking because I have always believed that organic food would have a superior nutritional content as it has not been sprayed in pesticides and other artificial substances. I would not have expected non- organic food to have more nutrients.

This study is controversial because whilst it announces that organic food is not necessarily better for your health it does not look at the benefits of buying organic; for example ethical reasons, or the impact on the environment. 


People should not stop buying organic produce if they have moral or ethical reasons for buying it.  But if it is being bought simply because it is believed to be better for you then it may be worth looking further into both sides of the argument.

Nearly 30% of the population buy organic produce and sales have been estimated at £1.84 billion a year.  It is extremely lucrative which may explain why some facts are not readily available, but I hope that this article inspires you to think about why you are buying the organic product first.

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