Rise in Ballet Dance Classes following Release of Black Swan Film

Since the Oscar nominated film Black Swan has been released more people than ever are giving ballet a try.  People of all ages are interested and this excellent as ballet has numerous positive effects on the body.

Ballet gives you better muscle tone, stronger core, stability and improved posture.  It also improves flexibility, strength, mobility nad makes each of your movements in everyday life more graceful.  Ballet is also great for relieving stress as it requires complete concentration so you are forced to forget the outside world.

There are numerous ballet exercise classes running in London which are for both men and women and cater to different age groups.  Ballet- Tone London run dance and fitness classes and they have excellent online reviews.  They incorporate classical ballet moves as well as pilates, contemporary dance, yoga, body conditioning and many more disciplines; to traditional ballet music.  The exercises are aimed at body toning, posture and alignment work and flexibility.

Isabel McMeekan has started Everybody Ballet which offers classes that anyone can join. Isabel aims to keep classes small and intimate and draws upon elements of classical ballet combined with specific stretching and core strengthening.


Ballet is a unique art form that is now being made more accessible to the public.  In a one hour class you can burn approximately 223 calories, you also build long lean muscles, improve your posture, strengthen your core and elongate the body at the same time.  Ballet is not yet offered as a main stream class at local gym but it looks enjoyable and I will definitely be giving it a try.


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