National Salt Awareness Week 2011

 Consensus Action on Salt & Health organization (CASH) will be running a National Salt Awareness week from 21st- 27th March 2011.  This year will focus on salt and men’s health, this topic was identified as a result of UK research which showed that more men prematurely die of cardiovascular disease (CVD) than women.  CVD accounts for 29% preventable deaths in men (compared to 21% in women). 


Research has also shown that men consume more salt than women on average, and in turn they have more of the health problems associated with a high salt intake; high blood pressure, fluid retention and even congestive heart failure.

The CASH website has lots of interesting fact that you may not be aware of in relation to salt, I have listed a couple below:

  • Bread is still the largets contributor of salt to diets in the UK.
  • A roast dinner could contain nearly 10g of salt! 160% of the maximum daily recommendation
  • A portion of a stuffed beef joint from ASDA was found to contain 2.3g, more than a third of your daily salt recommendation.
  • Pre-prepared vegetables, potatoes, gravy and stuffing could each contain more than 1g of salt per portion.

A useful table is also given on the CASH website with the recommended daily salt maximums in different age groups:

I hope that you will join me in raising awareness for National Salt Awareness Week 21st- 27th March 2011.  There is so much hidden salt in our foods and if we gain the right knowledge we will have the power to make a change and saves lives.

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