New Year New Vitamins!

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog.  I hope that you had a nice Christmas and a good start to the new year.  My Christmas was as good as it could be considering that I had flu. I have only ever had the flu twice and both times have been when I was not taking my multivitamins.  This made me determined to find a good multivitamin that I could stick with for the new year.

Having done some research online I have found that Vitabiotics Wellwoman Original vitamins have extremely good reviews.  They claim to help maintain health, vitality and wellbeing, and have been designed to help women with the demands of modern life.  These vitamins have also been recommended by a friend, so I have bought them and begun taking one daily at the beginning of the year.


It usually takes about 12 weeks to see any results from vitamins so I should soon be letting you know about improvements to my total wellbeing, a boost in my immune system and have glowing skin, hair and nails!  I will keep you posted.

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