Happy Mothers Day Ladies

Just a quick post to say Happy Mothers Day to all of you Mothers out there. I think that Mothering Sunday is a great opportunity to reflect on how you act as a Mother with your children, with others, and this does not have to be limited to those you biologically gave birth to. There …

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Post Workout Chia Pudding

I was so excited today when I made a chia pudding and finally got the ratios of milk to chia seeds correct. Numerous times I have mixed the chia seeds and coconut milk, left them in the fridge overnight, only to either find watery or stodgy chia pudding. As I got the measurements perfect this …

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Amazing Health Benefits of a Colon Cleanse

The health benefits of a colon cleanse are numerous. Our bodies are intelligent and do an amazing job of expelling waste whilst holding on to the nutrients and vitamins that we need. However in today's society with the pollution in the air, pesticides on fruit and veg and additives in food, it is necessary to …

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